Corrales Featured in Vanity Fair

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Ana Gasteyer, the daughter of our mayor, Phil Gasteyer,  talks about Corrales in the Vanity Fair online article "Where I Go"   Check it out at

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A Small Town Fourth

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Yesterday Corrales celebrated the 4th of July in the way of most small towns; with a parade!  And what a parade it was.    The parade is sponsored by Corrales MainStreet and features all things great about small town parades.   People stake out their favorite parade viewing spot early on, sometimes before 7am.  And it's not just people who live in Corrales.  People come from the surrounding communities to catch the parade.  And everyone seems to love it!  The parade lasts for about one hour.  As befitting any small town parade, there were kids on decorated bikes and kids with their decorated pets.    Corrales is a huge horse community and the parade reflected this fact.  Horses with their tails, manes and shoes decorated were ridden down the parade route followed closely by the ever popular pooper scoopers.   Local organizations and business decorated vehicles and drove the parade route.  Many of the floats threw candy or small giveaways to the kids lining the parade route.  Of course, what is a parade without a marching band?  We had a group of pipers as well as a dixieland band pulled on a float.  Sadly absent this year was the ever popular Kazoo band playing patriotic music while attempting precision marching!   Perhaps they will make an appearance next year. There was a group of clowns in the prerequisite small cars.  And motorcycles both big and VERY small.        Members of the Ford Model A group showed off their beautifully restored cars and were joined by other cars, new and old, decorated for the holiday.  Corrales is an agricultural community so tractors, old and new, participated in the parade.  Some were pulling floats.  Others made their way down the parade route solo.    This year's parade featured Revolutionary and Civil War reanactors marching or riding in formation.  They were accompanied by women and children dressed in period costumes.  And, of course, what would a 4th of July parade be without veterans of our more recent conflicts.  The American Legion float was applauded the length of the parade. And we can't forget the Super Soakers.  As we all know, it's hot on the 4th of July.  Somewhere in the history of the parade, super soakers were introduced.  Not officially of course.  They just happened.  Some people on floats used them to cool off the parade watchers and the watchers have reciprocated.  Now they are just as much a part of the parade as the animals and the floats.  There is a super soaker etiquette that is to be followed.   Up to a certain point in the parade you have to keep the super soakers holstered.  The Corrales Swim Team float signals that part of the parade where super soakers are in play.  And for those parade watchers who don't relish a super soaker soaking, there is a no soak zone!   Something for everyone at the Corrales 4th of July parade.  Hope to see you here next year!

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Welcome to Corrales, NM

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Placeholder imageWelcome to Corrales! Sit back, relax, enjoy the splendor of this special place. The Village of Corrales is a small, treasured oasis located within a large, fast-growing metropolitan area. The Village is bordered on the east by the Rio Grande and, across the river, by the Sandia Indian Reservation. To the south is the City of Albuquerque while to the west and north is the City of Rio Rancho. The greater metropolitan area numbers well over  

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