Corrales Main Street

An Invitation…

The view of the Sandia Mountains at sunset, the sight of a newborn foal grazing in a roadside pasture, a relaxing Sunday morning strolling along the bosque, the wave of a long-time neighbor as you drive down Corrales Road, the smell of fresh earth after a monsoon-season rain, the rustle of Cottonwood and the flight of its seed, the daily reminder to “drive slow and see our village [or] drive fast and see our judge” these are just a few of the many things that make Corrales the precious jewel that it is.  Another is you and your business.

Whether you operate a business along the Village corridor or do business out of your home, your success as a Corrales Business is one of the most important facets of preserving the character of our community through economic health.

Or maybe you don’t own a business in Corrales, but you as an individual are concerned about our community and desire to join Corrales MainStreet in our mission:

to develop and manage a community-based program to encourage the preservation of the Village of Corrales, its traditions way of life, history and agricultural roots by encouraging the enhancement and diversification of the economy of the Village.

  • What is Corrales Main Street

    A truly dedicated, diversified group of citizens makes up the board of Corrales MainStreet.  Why do these people choose to volunteer countless hours to Corrales MainStreet?

    We love this historic village with all its culture and charisma and want to assure that it will continue to exist independently with the best quality of life possible for our families and descendants. We’re ordinary citizens with an extraordinary vision dedicated to preserving the character of our community through economic health.

    If the businesses prosper then our community is vital and healthy. Our downtown reflects the pride and character of its residents. An enhanced marketplace exudes a positive image, creates jobs and keeps kids in town.

    A successful downtown business area provides the stage for family social and cultural activities such as those sponsored by MainStreet. Corralenos proudly parade the American flag, favorite pets and horses down our Main Street for our July 4th Parade. MainStreet announces the beginning of the December holiday season with the Starlight Parade. Families gather and outsiders come in to celebrate our heritage, holidays and festivals on Main Street.

    MainStreet wants to promote historical awareness through the preservation of our architecture and human history by encouraging businesses to occupy and care for our historic buildings. This enhances our character and educates our residents and visitors. We want to help our businesses to improve the impression our Main Street presents.

    Our goal is to preserve our village by encouraging the enhancement and diversification of the economy so that our families are proud, comfortable and safe in Corrales. MainStreet strives to include in this preservation the village traditions, way of life, history and agricultural roots.

  • Membership

    Why be a Member?

    Corrales MainStreet business membership is a good value and can be an important part of your business’ success and our community’s economic health.  As the only Corrales organization dedicated to helping you and your business thrive and prosper, we re helping define and develop an environment that helps businesses like yours grow.  We offer a venue where you, along with other business owners, can meet and solve common problems.

    By becoming a business member of Corrales MainStreet, you will receive the following:

    1. Recognition in Corrales MainStreet News as a new member
    2. Affordable rates for advertising in Corrales MainStreet News
    3. Articles in Corrales MainStreet News highlighting your business
    4. Inclusion in appropriate target marketing and promotional opportunities
    5. Listing on our website, plus a link to your business website
    6. Opportunities to participate in cooperative advertising programs
    7. Invitation to Business-After-Hours events
    8. Ribbon Cutting ceremonies to highlight your new business ventures
    9. Education workshops
    10. Invitation to the State annual meeting providing an opportunity to interact with business owners statewide

    In addition, through our affiliation with the state and national MainStreet programs, Corrales MainStreet provides members with assistance in the following areas:

    1. Business start-up and expansion
    2. Sales and customer service
    3. Visual merchandising and display
    4. Effective floor planning
    5. Façade, sign, and logo design
    6. Promotional and marketing plans
    7. Historic building renovation
    8. National Register of Historic Places designation
  • Membership Form

    Yes! I want to join Corrales MainStreet. Through my membership I’ll be helping, the Village of Corrales’ economy and the preservation of the Village’s traditions, way of life, history and agricultural roots. As a business member I’ll be helping my business too.

    Please make your check payable to Corrales MainStreet and send with your completed form to: Corrales MainStreet P. O. Box 1531 Corrales, New Mexico 87048
  • Officers and Directors
    President Judith Newby
    Vice President Grif Newcomb
    Secretary Karen DelleSite
    Treasurer  Jim Kruger
    Directors Allan Tinkham
    Suane Derr
    Jim Covell
     Executive Director  Sandy Rasmussen
  • Main Street Philosophy and Four Point

    What is Corrales MainStreet?

    Corrales MainStreet is a non-profit organization committed to promoting commerce and a health, vibrant business climate in the Village  of Corrales while preserving our unique culture, traditions and community.  The organization’s executive director and volunteer board of directors work closely with the Corrales business community, the Village government and State of New Mexico MainStreet (a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation) to develop and support initiatives that help achieve our mission.

    Initiatives are supported by active, all-volunteer committees following a comprehensive four-point approach:

    Marketing/Promotions Committee – develops and produces the tools necessary to promote a business community successfully, including special events, retail sales programs, collateral, advertising and public relations.

    Design Committee – develops and guides the visual aspects of an attractive business community, including quality building rehabilitation, signage, streetscape, street furnishings and window displays.

    Economic Development Committee – seeks to improve the business economic base by strengthening existing businesses, recruiting new businesses and creatively
    filling vacancies in the marketplace.

    Organization Committee – develops the structure of the Corrales MainStreet program, which includes a board of directors, an executive director, committees, community investors and volunteers, in order to develop consensus and coordinate resources.

  • Main Street Activities

    Corrales MainStreet also  supports a variety of events enjoyed by Corraleños as well as visitors from the surrounding areas.  These events provide visitors an opportunity to learn about our Village and facilitate patronage of our businesses.  Some of these annual  events include:

    • Starlight Parade (December)
    • 4th of July Parade
    • Art in the Park
    • Sunday in Corrales
    • Starry Night Dinner and Auction
  • Corrales Main Street Newsletters
  • Contact Us


    Phone:  (505) 350-3955

    Write:  P. O. Box 1531

    Corrales, NM 87048