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House Concert – Janet Feder

August 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


“…In the mid-nineties, quite by accident, Feder stumbled on a technique that has become her signature: prepared guitar. She discovered that by putting various objects—broken rings, roach clips, metal rulers, beads, horsehair, etc.—onto the strings of her guitar, she could extend the instrument’s sonic range, creating unique, expressive, delightfully disorienting sounds.
The objects can create a buzz, hum, thump, or bell-like tone, or refract a tone into multiple colors—it’s a near endless list of possibilities. She typically prepares only one or two strings, and the objects she chooses to use and their positioning are the result of years of experimentation.

This ongoing process of experimentation has led Feder into a unique universe of sound, and it has made her a singular sonic poet, always in search of le son juste, whether by preparing the guitar or some other instrument, or employing an everyday object. Feder does not use pedals or other digital effects; she creates the sounds using only her hands, her instruments, and the objects. The preparation reshapes the music, extending the range of sound and feeling…”

Corrales calling

“…Corraleño Roch Doran has access to a space at Thrive Chiropractic that is perfect for intimate concerts, and he’s wanting to set up an ongoing series of first-Sunday events, Live at Thrive. When Mark Weber—Albuquerque’s preeminent eminence grise in the musical world—heard about this, he suggested Doran check out Feder.

Doran was familiar with the album Feder had made with Fred Frith, Ironic Universe, went to her Bandcamp page to see what she’d been up to since then, and bought some of her music. Feder, who likes to thank folks who purchase her music, emailed Doran, and when presented with an opportunity to come play in New Mexico, she accepted Doran’s invitation.

Weber also suggested that Feder check out Musically Speaking. She reached out to me and sent me T H I S C L O S E, which is how she and I ended up on the phone for 90 minutes. She’s a generous artist who makes unique and compelling music…”


August 4, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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4685 Corrales Road
Corrales, NM 87048 United States


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